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Title:Online store for Regional Speciality Products of Indian States at mystatebazar.com
Description:Mystatebazar an online platform that brings authentic local products to your door step. We ensure that we maintain right balance of quality and price by sourcing it from the place where the product originally belongs to.We give platform to local artisans / manufacturers to showcase their products globally and ensure a great online shopping experience by catering to the diverse preference of our customers. Our Product basket includes clothing like Nauvari (also known as Nav Vari, Nauvaree, Kasta Sari, Kacha, Sakachcha, Lugade) is a nine yards saree worn by the Marathi women or women of Maharashtra. The name ‘Nauvari’ originated from the saree’s length of nine yards. The style of drape for Nauvari has evolved drastically from the traditional style to the modern-age cult and is draped in such a way that it gives a trouser-dress like an appearance, while the sari is tucked at the back. Nauvari sarees usually come in cotton and is worn majorly by the Maharashtrian Brahmin women community.
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