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Title:What is Shilajit | Top 18 Amazing Benefits of Shilajit in your Daily Life
Category:Fitness Health: Nutrition
Description:Shilajit is a natural bio-product which is found extensively in the mountains of Himalayas. This mineral deposit is made up of humus and decomposed plant remains, which were hard-pressed between layers of rocks for millions of years, are transformed into a black tar-like substance. Shilajit has an abundance of minerals, vitamins, humic acid, and fulvic acid, which are very effective in cleansing the body. It is a proven safe and an effective supplement which has a positive effect on overall health and well-being.
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Meta Description:Pure Shilajit is found at an altitude of 18000 ft. At the high altitude, plants and organic matter undergo a transformation into a rich mineral mass.
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